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Over 25 years of experience, an employee pool of over 250 professional detectives and our own legal department with a compliance officer – LegalSec is the business detective agency for your suspected case.

LegalSec Wirtschaftsdetektei

Your experienced business detective agency LegalSec

As an experienced business detective agency, we at LegalSec specialize in detecting crimes and help our customers prevent economic damage.

With a serious and professional approach, our business detectives work to uncover and document cases ranging from sick pay fraud or working time fraud to sabotage, industrial espionage, competition violations and even unauthorized secondary employment. We use the latest technology and our years of experience in the industry.

Our work is characterized by absolute discretion and confidentiality in order to protect the reputation of our customers. If you suspect that there is criminal activity in your company, we are at your side as a reliable partner. Contact LegalSec – your business detective agency in Cologne.


Wage fraud (fraudulent sick note)

Your employee has taken a sick note and you have evidence that he or she is not sick at all, but is just celebrating “sick” in order to have more vacation days or to do moonlighting or renovation work in the private sector during this time. Our detective agency will support you in fully clarifying your suspicions and provide you with reliable evidence to strengthen your legal position.


Working time fraud

As an employer, do you have a concrete suspicion that your employee is deceiving you about the hours he actually works? Our business detectives observe the employee in question and document in court when and where the employee carries out his or her work so that it can be determined whether the employee actually complies with the reported working hours.

Abrechnungs- und Spesenbetrug

Billing and expense fraud

Excessive billing with too many kilometers driven, excessive accommodation costs or incorrect receipts for meals are not uncommon for many employers. Such billing or expense fraud entitles you as an employer to terminate your employee without notice. If you have such suspicions about your employees, our business detective agency will support you in clarifying your suspicion of fraud and provide you with evidence that can be used in court.


Theft and sabotage

Do you notice that goods in your company regularly disappear or do you have the feeling that you are being deliberately sabotaged? Our detective agency investigates your suspicions and provides you with solid evidence so that you can take legal action against the perpetrator.

Unerlaubte Nebentätigkeit

Unauthorized secondary employment

Do you have indications that your employee is doing a side job that you have not approved or that is prohibited by the employment contract and would you like to investigate? We will help you clarify your suspicions and obtain reliable evidence so that you can take legal action against your employee.

Vertragsbruch und Wettbewerbsverstoß

Competition violations

Do you suspect that your competition is gaining unlawful competitive advantages or that a former employee is poaching your customers, causing you to lose sales? Our detective agency investigates all questions of competition law and provides you with evidence that can be used in court to strengthen your legal position.


Eavesdropping defence

Do you suspect that your office space is being tapped with hidden bugs or that your work cell phone or work laptop is being spied on? Our IT forensics examine your premises and devices for hidden listening devices or unauthorized access.

IT-Forensik und Cyberkriminalität

IT forensics and cybercrime

The most comprehensive and complete protection possible for your company and sensitive information or data is essential. This includes, for example, detecting and blocking cyber attacks before they damage your network as well as taking measures against fraud, embezzlement, theft and industrial espionage.

The LegalSec detective agency offers you comprehensive measures in the field of computer forensics to investigate suspected cases of betrayal of company and business secrets by making unauthorized copies of company computers.

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Pen testing
  • Determination and assessment of the risk situation of critical IT systems with regard to data theft or hacking
  • Prevention
  • Analysis and evaluation of company areas and their processes with regard to security gaps
  • Creation of an individual catalog of measures
  • Development of individual control mechanisms

Ein möglichst umfassender und lückenloser Schutz Ihres Unternehmens und der sensiblen Informationen bzw. Daten ist unverzichtbar. Hierzu gehört z.B. das Erkennen und Blockieren von Cyberangriffen, bevor diese Ihr Netzwerk schädigen ebenso wie Maßnahmen gegen Betrug, Veruntreuung, Diebstahl und Betriebsspionage.


Infiltration into companies or undercover investigations

Do you feel like things are happening in your company that are causing damage to your company? In order to be able to fully investigate some suspected cases (bullying, inventory discrepancies, prohibited alcohol consumption), it is often necessary to infiltrate one of our business detectives into your company. In order to be able to investigate covertly and discreetly and to be able to move freely within your company, a detective qualified for your industry is introduced as a new employee, which enables him – within a very short time – to gain the trust of his new colleagues and to collect information.

Externe Revision

External audit

We take care of the audit for your company and lay the foundation for optimizing your business processes with regard to company risks. It is often difficult to identify security-relevant weak points in individual work processes yourself, which is why an outside perspective is essential. Let LegalSec audit your company and benefit from the expertise of our team.

Untersuchungen von Verdachtsfällen


Preventively protect against the risks of white-collar criminal law

White-collar criminal law risks have now become a corporate reality. Increasingly, incorrect business decisions are being assessed from a criminal perspective and the company and its management are being held accountable.

The aim of investigative, criminal compliance is to preventively protect the company from the consequences of criminally relevant actions and, if crimes do occur, to ensure quick and effective investigation.

If there are suspected cases of white-collar criminal behavior (fraud, bribery, corruption, etc.) by employees or business partners or failure to comply with compliance rules, appropriate investigations must be initiated. On the one hand, the investigations into suspected cases generally cause a stir in the company, because regardless of whether criminally relevant behavior is actually discovered at the end of the procedure, the person concerned and, not least, the company, are left with a significant loss of image. The very existence of a criminal investigation represents a serious burden on all sides. On the other hand, there is the risk of violating norms or impairing further prosecution.

Investigations of suspected cases

If investigations into suspected cases are initiated within the company, the investigation results should be complete and conscientious in order to support the company’s legal position. LegalSec’s compliance officers support you in dealing with a suspected case and offer you a discreet, systematic and in-depth investigation. Our economic investigators can not only conduct open investigations, but also check fraudulent activities, for example in the form of infiltration or contact under a legend.

With a compliance system from our compliance officers, your company avoids accusations of organizational negligence, which can have liability and fine consequences for managers and the company itself.

LegalSec is able, among other things, to identify economic risks in the company, to create preventive regulations such as anti-corruption guidelines and to support the establishment of other preventive measures in the company.

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