Magazine Love-Scam/ Romance-Scam


Love scamming or romance scamming has been ubiquitous for years. It all starts quite harmlessly with a chat or a nice e-mail.

There are both female and male romance scammers (love scammers). The romance scammers use online dating sites and social media to make contact with middle-aged single people using legitimate-looking but fake profiles. Their profile pictures show good-looking people, but the photos are usually stolen. The male scammers invent strange life stories and claim to work in the US Army, to be internationally active businessmen or they often pretend to be engineers or pilots. The female love scammers often pretend to be teachers, nurses, managers or pilots.

The scammers keep in regular contact with long love emails and chats or endless phone calls to build up trust with their victims. However, they never meet in person. Here, the love scammers always invent flimsy excuses, such as a missed flight. Nevertheless, they manage to make the victims trust them completely and believe that they are in a real love relationship, but the love and affection is only fake.

After enough trust has been built up and the sweetheart is “at their feet”, the new partner suddenly gets into supposed trouble. The stories vary, but it usually involves a financial emergency and the sweetheart is asked for money – in the form of financial support or a transaction of other people’s money to them. Of course, without giving it much thought, the new partner is helped and the requested (usually large) sum is quickly transferred. In order to maintain their supposedly happy and sincere relationship, the victims run up large debts, take out loans or even take on a part-time job.

Victims often only realize far too late that they have been taken in by a love scammer.

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