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Sometimes life presents us with questions that we don't get an answer to. This uncertainty is often very stressful. Our experienced private detectives provide discreet and professional answers. LegalSec is your reliable partner if you want certainty for your personal concerns.


Address determination

Do you want to assert claims against a debtor or need to locate a witness or heir? Do you need information about the whereabouts or address of a particular person and your enquiries have been unsuccessful? Contact our detective agency to get results quickly.


Credit assessment

A credit check can protect you from rash behaviour. Would you like to know how your new tenant or business partner is positioned financially or whether they have always met their financial obligations? Our detective agency will provide you with information on the person’s creditworthiness. Don’t hesitate to contact us, because a credit check can protect you from taking hasty action.



Fraud occurs in many different forms in everyday life. Have you bought a luxury watch at auction and paid for it, but never received the goods? Are you involved in a legal dispute and the other party is trying to deceive the court about a certain fact by any means possible? You would like to take legal action against this person, but you lack the evidence? Our investigators will provide you with evidence that can be used in court and thus strengthen your legal position.


Marriage fraud

Love scamming or romance scamming – marriage fraud in a new guise. It all starts quite harmlessly with a chat or a nice email. Men use online dating sites and social media to make contact with single, middle-aged women using fake profiles. It has never been easier to fall for romance scammers. Are you worried that your new acquaintance might not be honest with you and is only after your money? Our detective agency will help you find out the true motives and verify the information provided by your acquaintance.

Untreue in Partnerschaft

Infidelity in the partnership

Have your spouse’s or partner’s habits changed and you now suspect that your partner is cheating? Is the uncertainty giving you sleepless nights? Our experienced investigators will give you certainty without your partner realising it.



Have you been robbed and need help in solving the theft or identifying the perpetrator? There are various approaches to effectively and completely solving thefts, such as using the latest investigation methods, surveillance or covert video surveillance. Our investigators will discuss which investigation method is best for your case with you in a free initial telephone consultation.


Damage to property

Is your car being scratched or your tyres slashed? Is your house repeatedly sprayed with graffiti? This type of damage to property and vandalism is becoming increasingly common. The causes are often jealousy, revenge or disputes in the neighbourhood. Do you feel powerless and have no strength to fight it again and again? Our detective agency will support you in the complete investigation and provide you with evidence that can be used in court to take action against the perpetrator.



Do you suspect that you are paying unjustified separation or spousal support to your ex-partner because you suspect that they are hiding their real income from you or that they are already living in a cohabiting relationship again? Or is your ex-partner not being honest about their income in order to have to pay less child maintenance? Our investigators will provide you with the necessary evidence and strengthen your legal position.

vermisste Personen

Missing persons

Has a loved one suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye, have you simply lost sight of each other or never got to know a parent? Provided a violent crime can be ruled out, there are many reasons why people break off contact with each other and disappear. Don’t hesitate to get professional help to track down your loved one. Our detective agency supports you nationwide and internationally in the search for missing persons.


Eavesdropping protection

Do you suspect that you are being bugged within your own four walls or that your smartphone/tablet is being spied on or monitored? Only a check by experts can offer you concrete security. Our IT forensics specialists will check your home or device for unauthorised access.


Written expert opinion

Do you want to check the authenticity of a signature under a contract or whether the signature was copied into the document at a later date? Or do you have doubts as to whether the handwritten will you have found was really written by its designated author? We will be happy to check your document and provide you with clarity. We would also be happy to draw up an expert report for you.

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