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Do you want certainty but can't find answers to your questions? No matter whether you suspect that your partner is cheating or whether you suspect fraud in your company. We are at your side discreetly and professionally. With our private and commercial detective agency you will receive answers quickly and have clarity. Our private and business detectives investigate for you not only throughout Germany, but also worldwide.


Business detective agency

Discreet solutions for white-collar crime, fraud detection and risk management in the corporate sector.

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Private detective agency

Discreet investigations, uncovering secrets: Private detective agency for confidential solutions in personal matters.

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Exciting insights into the world of investigations, criminology and detective work.

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Your business detectives and private detectives: Cologne business detective agency and private detective agency LegalSec

LegalSec is your reliable professional for surveillance, investigations and research of all kinds in both private and business areas. The investigative work of the authorities is often not enough to prevent or solve crimes, so the support of our detective agency is required. LegalSec identifies and secures valid evidence for you that you can use in court.

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Your private detective agency LegalSec

Unsolvable situations in your private life are grueling. Our professional private investigators will provide you with competent support and will discreetly and efficiently determine the truth for you.

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Ermittlungen für Unternehmen als Wirtschaftsdetektei

Your business detective agency LegalSec

Our business detectives investigate various issues for companies of all types and sizes, lawyers, insurance companies, authorities and health insurance companies and provide evidence that can be used in court. With our highly trained professional detectives, we can help you uncover illegal activities that are harming your business.

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Certificates / Memberships

Cologne business detective agency: we help if you suspect working time fraud

Our business detective agency in Cologne offers its services to help companies if they suspect working time fraud. The issue of working time fraud affects many companies and can have serious consequences. Our business detectives in Cologne have years of experience and can effectively help clarify suspicions through targeted investigations. Our work is always discreet and confidential, so that there is no unrest in the company. We understand how important it is to treat your employees professionally and respectfully. Our business detective agency in Cologne is your competent partner and is ready to support you if you suspect working time fraud.

Business detectives from Cologne: Investigations into sabotage and theft

In today’s economic world, companies are at high risk of sabotage and theft. To counter these threats, our business detectives in Cologne offer exactly the right support. Our experienced experts specialize in white-collar crime investigations and use modern technologies and a broad network to protect your company. If sabotage and theft are suspected, our business detectives from Cologne investigate discreetly and purposefully in order to identify the perpetrators and collect evidence. This means that those affected can act quickly and prevent further damage. Thanks to their expertise and professionalism, the business detectives from Cologne have earned a first-class reputation in the industry.

Our business detective agency LegalSec from Cologne also investigates competition law

Our business detective agency LegalSec from Cologne is a reliable and professional solution for companies that need to investigate competition law. We specialize in prosecuting competition law violations and can help you find the necessary evidence in any situation. With our experienced and competent business detectives in Cologne, we are able to act quickly and effectively to provide you with the information you need. We work discreetly and seriously to gain and maintain the trust of our customers. If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact us.

Cologne LegalSec detective agency: Eavesdropping and cybercrime in business

Recently, the importance of corporate security has come into greater focus as companies increasingly fall victim to cybercriminals and eavesdropping activities. It is imperative that companies take the necessary measures to protect their sensitive information and trade secrets, which could otherwise have devastating consequences. This is where the services of our detectives from Cologne come into play. Experts experienced in business eavesdropping and cybercrime provide specialized solutions to help your business protect its assets from any form of misconduct. By using the services of the Cologne LegalSec detective agency, companies can trust that we can prevent and combat threats to their safety and well-being. Investing in the best security measures is a proactive step in preserving your company’s reputation and longevity. Our Cologne detective agency will be happy to support you.